Frequently Asked Questions

    Why are snowblowers sometimes called snowthrowers? Which one is actually correct?

    According to Wikipedia, the term "snow thrower" is often used to encompass snow throwers and snow blowers, however, in proper usage a snow thrower is a machine that uses a single stage to remove or "throw" snow while a snowblower uses two stages to remove or "blow" snow.

    I'm shopping around for quality equipment to purchase for my business. What is the number one reason equipment tends to malfunction?

    Time and time again the number one reason for equipment malfunction is lack of servicing. You must be diligent and have your equipment serviced/maintained regularly. Just like your company vehicle needs the oil changed every 5000kms, it's important to realize your equipment needs regular upkeep as well. You can save yourself time and money by properly maintaining your equipment so it can better withstand hot or cold weather and so it will still run great in more harsh conditions.

    When financing equipment from Providential Financial, will my contract be open ended? Can I buy it out at any time?

    Yes, you most certainly can buy out at any time at no cost to you. There are no hidden fees.

    Could you recommend a landscaper in my area to cut my grass and a snow plow contractor in my area to plow my driveway?

    When searching for a property maintenance company, it's key to find a company who works in your local area. Kooy Brothers caters to over 5000 commercial clientele (property maintenance companies) and we don't know everyone of their contract schedules nor can we quickly tell you who works in your district/town that may be available for the job. We do however recommend all our customers looking for property maintenance to search on This website gives you an option to "contact a company" and search by postal code for a contractor in your area. This is a much faster, easier approach to finding the perfect property maintenance company for you!

    Do you sharpen reel lawnmower blades?

    Yes we do! We have a reel sharpening machine specifically designed for sharpening everything from a golf course mower to a home owner reel mower.

    Am I paying more at Kooy Brothers because you're a specialty store?

    At Kooy Brothers our pricing is highly competitive. If our pricing wasn't comparable we wouldn't be in business.

    I think I know what equipment I need but how do I know which model is right for me?

    People do much more research now-a-days before they make a purchase decision. We understand this and can appreciate it; however at Kooy Brothers our experts have been in the business since 1985 and we know how to match you with the proper piece of equipment to suit your application. We hold your hand every step of the way. No stress, no guessing, no confusion. That's why we're known for being the trusted equipment experts!

    I've brought my machine in for servicing but it's not done. I thought Kooy Brothers boasts the fastest service turn around time in the industry?

    We absolutely do take pride in being number one in the GTA for delivering quality service in the timeliest manner, however on occasion your repair may require a part that we either do not stock or do not have in stock at that time. Therefore our service personnel must order the missing part and at times that part might be out of stock at our suppliers or it may be on back order. This causes a slower process then we'd all appreciate but we promise to do our best to have your machine repaired as quickly as possible once the part becomes available to us.

    Why do I need to bring my order number and government-issued ID to pick up my order that I purchased online?

    This verification process helps us ensure the right order is going to the right customer and helps minimize fraud.

    Why do you not ship Stihl Products?

    As per Stihl Canada "Authorized full-line STIHL servicing Dealers are required to unpack, prep and test every unit they sell. They then take the customer through a short training session on the parts and controls of the unit both for their safety and protection as well as for familiarity of the power tool in question. This practice also supports our authorized full-line STIHL servicing Dealers, who are required to service, as well as sell, the product."